Rohan has composed many award-winning pieces for diverse ensembles and events. His recent compositions include:


The Alaya Project - 2018

Indo-jazz-funk trio featuring drum set and Carnatic percussion hybrid kit, tenor saxophone, and piano, with diverse guest artists. The ensemble explores cross-genre collaboration through the universal lens of rhythm.

7x7 - 2017                                                       

Three movement, socially-inspired work for solo mridangam funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant.

Disney’s Jungle Book - 2016                       

New soundtrack recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles for the Jungle Book “Alive with Magic” production in Disney World.

Smithsonian Crosslines Festival - 2016

Recorded mridangam tracks for an interdisciplinary collaboration with dancer Anjal Chande and historian Nico Slate performed at the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Museum. 

Khazana - 2014

Composed and recorded music for the Hollywood-Bollywood film.

Chatur - 2013

Premiered at the prestigious Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, Chatur is a novel music and dance quartet drawing from the ancient and sacred classical traditions of India. Distinguished ensemble members included Samir Chatterjee on tabla, Flute Raman on flute, and Malini Srinivasan for bharatanatyam dance.

Rhythm Drive - 2013

A cutting-edge music video recorded with Akshay Anant and Hrishikesh Dharam. Produced during the international IndianRaga fellowship and summit in New York City. Watch Rhythm Drive.

Tabuh Kreasi Parivartanam - 2010

Winner of the “Barbara Smith Best Gamelan Composition” from the Eastman School of Music composition department.  The piece was collaboratively composed with Lena Nietfeld and scored for two mridangams and gamelan anklung. Combining South Indian, Balinese, and Western musical styles, the piece was premiered with Eastman Gamelan Lila Muni in April 2010 as part of the Eastman World Music Series. Watch the premiere.

Fifth Beginning - 2009

Composed for the Eastman percussion studio and scored for bass drum, claves, snare drum, djembe, and marimba. 

Lepana I and II - 2009

Collaboratively composed with Lena Nietfeld as one of the first pieces for mridangam and live electronics. Premiered at the Eastman School of Music electronic music concert.


Mridangam Beats - 2009

Ten hip-hop beat tracks integrating Indian rhythmic ideas for New York rapper, Nigil Mak (Universal Motown).

Shades of 3 - 2008

For mridangam and riq (framedrum), premiered with Grammy Award-winning framedrummer, Glen Velez. Watch and listen to the premiere.

Rhythmic Explorations - 2008

Percussive collaboration for mridangam, khanjira, konnakol (vocal percussion), jalra (finger cymbals), drum set, and djembe (West African drum). Premiered with Downbeat Award-winning drummer, Ryan Andrews, and cymablist, Sujatha Krishnamurthy, the collaboration has been performed in numerous venues. Buy now: Layopasana 2: Rhythmic Explorations.